Nyanners Face Reveal, Age, Height, Wiki, Bio, Real Name, Net Worth

Nyanners is an American-based YouTuber, Twitch Streamer, singer, and social media star. She is most popular for her voice acting and Twitch streaming. Also, she published dubs of famous manga and song covers on her YouTube channel. However almost, she has 80 lakhs subscribers on her YouTube channel. Also, she is the amiable agency VShojo. However, Nyanners face is still a mystery as she did not reveal her face yet.

Furthermore, she is an energetic, sensitive, and gentle catgirl with a good sense of humor. Also, she has an intense laugh; she often cracks and laughs at her jokes. Natasha Nyanners, aka Taylor, holds American nationality. However, according to some sources, Nyanners’s real name is Natasha Kotova Nyanners III. Although she commonly knows Nyanners, her fans know her by this name.

Nyanners Face Reveal
Source: Nyanners Twitter

However, she started her career independently as an online content creator. After that, VShojo hired her. Also, Nyanners current net worth is about $300000 as Nyanners has millions of followers and loves her. All followers want to know about her, Nyanners face stream, her age, height, bio, wiki, life, education, and many more.

Nyanners Wiki

Nyanners was born on 14 June 2007 to an American family in the United States. However, Nyanners, in real life, is a girl whose real name is Natasha Kotova Nyanners III, and her zodiac sign is Gemini. She is still going to school to complete her early education, and, Nyanners has not gone to high school for graduation. However, we have yet to learn about her further studies, whether she attends college or not.

Nyanners Face
Source: Nyanners Twitter

Furthermore, we are still determining her ethnicity, which is mixed ethnicity. Also, se did not reveal any information about her parents and family and is not sharing personal details about herself.
However, she is single now and has no relationship with anyone.

Real Name Nyatasha Kotova Nyanners III
Nickname Nyanners
Age 17 years
Date of Birth 14 June 2007
Profession Singer, Virtual YouTuber, Social media Sar, Twitch Streamer
Birthplace United States
Hometown United States
Zoidac sign Gemini
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
College Not Known
Religion Charistanity
Hobbies Travelling
Famous for Streaming on Twitch
Weight 58 Kg

Nyanners Face

However, no one knows Nyanners real face; Nyanners face is always covered, and she never shows her face to her followers and fans. Also, she is a sensitive, pure heated, gentle catgirl with great humor. Further, no one knows Nyanners IRL, Nyanners real person, and she always hides her identity.

Nyanner real Face
Source: Nyanners Twitter

However, she is a cat girl with purple eyes and fluffy pink hair. Ahoge on her hair also she has cat ears having soft fur inside the ears. In addition, she always wears a blue hoodie hanging on her shoulder, which is comfortable and keeps her warm. Also, many cat motifs on her hair and clothes make her dress more stylish.

Nyanners Age

Nyanners fans want to know about Nyanner. How old is Nyanner? Also, Nyanner face stream. However, Nyanner was born on June 4, 2007. She is currently 17 years old. However, se was born in the United States. Moreover, she has American nationality and mixed ethnicity.
Also, Nyanners real name is Taylor. However, she is familiar with the Obscure English internet culture and Japanese Pop culture. Further, on May 13, 2012, she first created her pink hair cat girl character that went viral.

Nyanners Height and Weight

Nyanners is about 4 feet 6 inches tall and 58 Kg weight. However, her body measurements are 34-28-40 inches, respectively. Also, her shoe size is 8 according to US size. Nyanners has black hair and brown eyes that make her more attractive.

Nyanners irl
Source: Nyanners Twitter

Nyanners Boyfriend

However, according to rumors, her boyfriend is Chad. she has a romantic love affair with Chad. Also, she is a career-oriented girl who always focuses on her career.

 Nyanners Career

However, on April 7, 2011, she officially started her YouTube channel. After that, she started to post videos on her YouTube channel for over nine years. Although the content she uploads is mostly random rap & ASMR videos.

Nyanners Real Person
Source: Nyanners Twitter

Moreover, on July 2020, she started Twitch Stream highlights on her YouTube channel. Also, she shares some song covers and parodies like Say So and Gucci. However, she also has a second YouTube Channel where she uploads complete Twitch Streams and a channel titled ” NyannersVODs.” And this channel has almost 5 million views and 129K subscribers.

Nyanners Height
Source: Nyanners Twitter

In 2016, she first created her Twitch channel, and in July 2020, she started Virtual streaming. Mostly she posted mixed games that involve life as strange: Heavy rain, True colors, etc. Also, she joined Vshojo. She has almost 4000 subscribers and 620K followers on her channel.

Nyanners Net Worth

As of 2022, Nyanners net worth is about $600000. She earned a huge amount from the paid subscription, Twitch, Merchandise, and YouTube. she generates a huge amount from the Twitch.
However, on Twitch, she mainly earns from the ad, runs ads during her stream, and earns more. Also, like the other Twitch Streamers, she paid the subscription to give extra benefits to the followers. According to a recent report, se has almost 3820 subscribers on Twitch. However, she generated $19000 per month from Twitch as she charged a $5 minimum for a subscription.

 Nyanners Face Stream
Source: Nyanners Twitter

Also, she has almost 5 million views and one million subscribers on her YouTube channel. However, as per estimation, she earns almost $4000-$12000. In addition, she earns almost $100000 per year.


  • Nayyaners favorite color is purple, so she has purple eyes.
  • Also, she is currently working on the novel ” Love Saucer.”
  • Nyanners favorite foods are green curry, Piroshky, and vodka.
  • Also, she is a member of the famous VTuber group VShojo.
  • However, she has almost 9 lakhs followers on YouTube.
  • Also, Green Day is Nyanner’s favorite band.
  • Nyanners face is always covered; no one knows Nyanner IRL.
  • However, four days a week, she streams on Twitch.
  • Also, she does not have an Instagram account but she is active on twitter.
  • In 2021, she first launched her song titled ” Foolish Heart.”

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Do Nyanners have any Instagram accounts?

No, she is not an Instagram user.

What is Nyanner age?

As of 2022, Nyanners is almost 17 years old.

What is Nyanners current net worth?

As of 2022, Nyanners net worth is about $600000.

Where was Nyanners born?

Nyanners was born in the United States.

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